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About the Index

An ambitious project first conceived in 1988 by Gladney Oakley (1935-2006) a dedicated member of the Theos0phical Society in Australia.  To those who knew him, Gladney was a visionary, an iconoclast and a man of tremendous integrity. In the June 1995 issue of Theosophy in Australia (p. 389) it was announced:

Mr Gladney Oakley, a member of the Australian Section, is preparing an index in electronic form of 42 volumes of Lucifer / The Theosophical Review and of 116 volumes of The Theosophist. One third of the index for The Theosophist is already completed. Members wishing to contribute to this project, can contact Mr Oakley, c/o The Theosophical Society, 4th Floor, 484 Kent St, Sydney. NSW 2000, Australia.

By the end of 2000 it had become a joint project of The Campbell Theosophical Research Library and Gladney Oakley, aided by another Campbell Library volunteer, Cai Blumenstadt. It was to be available as a CD ROM to distribute, free of charge, to interested members of the TS attending the World Congress in January 2001. Since then, the Union Index has outgrown its CD ROM format, and after one or two reincarnations is now available as a searchable index on the present website,  thanks to the dedicated labours of Gil Murdoch, the webmaster of The Theosophical Society in Australia. Still free of charge, the Union Index now contains over 235,900 entries in 152 periodicals and pamphlets. It is accessed by scholars and researchers all over the world.

If you wish to donate to help add many more entries to the endless possibility that is the Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals please feel free to do so by going to MAKE A GIFT on our home page.

A Taste of What You Will Find

Advance! Australia 1926-1929; Anthroposophy 1920-1925; The Herald of the Star,  1912-1927; The Irish Theosophist 1892-1897; The Occult Review (Foreign Edition), 1907-1932; Science Group Journal 1957-1971; Theosophical Research Centre Transactions 1931-1968; The Theosophist 1879 - continuing; Transactions of the London Lodge First Series 1884-1906; Theosophical History 1985 -continuing; World Theosophy 1931-1933.

It's easy to use. You can search by place of publication, author/editor, title. Select a journal and take a look. For example, Advance! Australia in 1926 published items on the cinema, Richard Wagner, the White Australia Policy, the Maroubra speedway tragedy and a Zulu prophet, to name just a few.

The Union Index lists items but does not contain them. However, once you locate an item of interest relevant to your research you may contact the Campbell Library to obtain a PDF of the item.


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