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Photo by pawe%c5%82 czerwi%c5%84ski on unsplash flower

Insights into The Esoteric School

Gerard Brennan 4 October 7.30pm

Joshua hibbert ypgofpqs2jo unsplash

Science, Biodiversity, Ecology in Our Times

Judy Fisher 11 October 7.30pm

The brocade bridge in suo province %28from the series curious views of famous bridges in the provinces%29

Nirvana - The Everest of our Endeavours

William R. Wood and Harry Bayens 18 October 7.30pm

Blavatsky.020 sharpened 2

The Golden Stairs

Suzanne Stout 7.30pm November 1

Flowerby marcia


Sally Moore 8 November 7.30pm

Mahabilipuram photo by karthik easvur

The Waters of Life

Richard Glenk 7:30pm 15 November

Med as med main.jpg tibetan yoga poster wellcome

Sound to Heal Body and Mind

Dr Kulreet Chaudhary 7:30pm 22 November

Gh2019 09 castiglione del lago

Taizé Meditation for World Peace

Rhonda Phillips and George Wester 7:30pm 29 November

Joan of arc jstor

Human beings created or engineered?

Adrian De Graaf 7:30pm 6 December

Yliaster  paracelsus %281887%29 painting in high resolution by marsden hartley. original from smithsonian institution. digitally enhanced by rawpixel

Christmas Celebrations

Perth Branch 7:30pm 13 December

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