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A varied selection of informative books on the subject of Meditation, including the classic by adelaide gardner.

Searchable Library Catalogue of Theosophical Texts

The following reading list attempts to achieve a balance between the older classical books and modern expositions:

  • Besant, Annie An Introduction to Yoga (TPH 1920/2008)
  • Brunton, Paul Elementary Meditation — Volume 4 of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Larson 1984-1986)
  • Brunton, Paul Advanced Contemplation: The Peace Within You — Volume 15 of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Larson 1984-1986)
  • Cianciosi, John The Meditative Path: A Gentle Way to Awareness, Concentration and Serenity (TPH 2001)
  • Codd, Clara Meditation: Its Practice and Results (TPH 1930)
  • Ellwood, Robert S. Finding the Quiet Mind (TPH 1983)
  • Gardner, Adelaide Meditation: A Practical Study With Exercises (TPH 1968)
  • Ian Gawler Peace of Mind: How You Can Learn to Meditate and Use the Power of Your Mind (Prism 1989)
  • Goldstein, Joseph The Experience of Insight: A Natural Unfolding (Wildwood 1981)
  • Hanson, Virginia (Ed.) Approaches to Meditation (TPH 1973)
  • Hodson, Geoffrey A Yoga Of Light (TPH 1954)
  • Humphreys, Christmas Concentration and Meditation: A Manual of Mind Development (Element 1987)
  • Le Shan, Lawrence How to Meditate: A Guide to Self Discovery (Wildwood House 1976)
  • Leadbeater, C.W. The Monad (TPH 1920)
  • Mace, Chris Mindfulness and Mental Health: Therapy, Theory and Science (Routledge 2008)
  • Mehta, R. The Science of Meditation (TPH 1978)
  • Raffone, al (Eds.) The Neuroscience of Meditation and Consciousness (Springer 2010)
  • Rinpoche, S. Buddhist Meditation (TPH 1988)
  • Simpkins, Alexander Meditation for Therapists and Their Clients (W.W. Norton 2009)
  • Sogyal, Rinpoche Essential Advice on the Practice of Meditation (Rigpa Fellowship 1990)
  • Wood, Ernest Concentration, An Approach to Meditation (TPH 1967)

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