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University of Queensland Studies in Religion

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the perennial philosophy in its eastern and western traditions

2016 Undergraduate Prize

Sara Scroope — Challenging the Comprehension and Conceptualising of Early Indian Philosophy as “Mythical”

Jessica White for her paper — From liberation to self-realisation: the evolution of the subtle body in modern meditational yoga

2017 Undergraduate Prize

Aaron Nayler - Moksha

Chara Scroope - Early Buddhist Representation of the Teacher and the Teaching

2018 Undergraduate Prize

Jasraj Puri - A Comparative Analysis of Some Key Areas of the Samkhyakarika of Isvarakrsna and Yogasutra of Patanjali

Christian Parada - Christian and Jungian Approaches to Wholeness

2019 Undergraduate Prize

Riona Moriya -Kālī: Making Sense of the Paradoxical “Terrible Mother”

2019 Postgraduate Honours Prize

Chara Scroope- Īśvara in Sāṃkhya Thought


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