The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Perth Branch

Theme: Eastern Spirituality, Psyche and the Human Journey

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The Human Journey

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Adept at Science: Some Reflections on Science in The Mahatma Letters

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The Way: Pearls of Taoist Wisdom

National President Linda Oliveira reveals many pearls of Taoist wisdom at the National Convention in Hobart

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The Divine Within the Spark and the Spark within the Devine

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All Roads Lead to Rome: The Human Journey in Vedanta

Dr Dara Tatray explores the human condition and the goal of life in the tradition of Vedanta.

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Creating your Life: Buddhism Working

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Search for the Inner Self

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How Modern Science is Affirming Ancient Wisdom

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The Five Seeds: Applying the Principles

Tim Boyd, in a lively presentation enriched by a deep appreciation of Tibetan Buddhism.

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The Impact of Compassion

Compassionate service was a way of life for Carolyn Harrod

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Jean Carroll, Sunshine Coast

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The TS Stream: Keynotes of Our Presidents

Pedro Oliveira, TS Education Coordinator