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The Science of Silence - Barry Bowden

Mt Helena weekend, 9.00 am, 11 to 13 October 2019.

Featured Speaker:Barry Bowden
Venue:Mount Helena Retreat Centre

Mt Helena Weekend Retreat 11, 12, 13th October

Barry Bowden presenting "The Science of Silence"

 Our inner world guides our life ... How we feel about things determines our decisions. Mostly.

There is a science for the path of silence, many believe they must find it, the opposite is true, silence and peace is within us... It is what we do that denies us access, our thought patterns of separateness and dis-connection, create our reality. The dual aspect of the mind. One being the experiencer, the other the observer, which is the answer to the problem. Today, it is emotional problems that are one of the biggest challenges on the path to spiritual awareness.

This will be a balance between intellectual ideas and learning different meditation methods. The process is natural and should be achieved without force, the naturalness of this process cannot be understood with mental effort. It must just happen! This process will be covered during the weekend. We will look into deeper aspects of human potential, mostly unrealized.

Mt Helena Retreat: 1540 Bunning Rd, Mt Helena

Cost including meals & accommodation: Members $110          Non Members $150

Day Attendance: Members free, Non members $20/day Meals $20 each - Teas $5 each

Bookings: phone 93288104, or email [email protected] - Payments: at Branch, or EFT—BSB 086 488 Acct. No. 697487911


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