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Adyar Day - J. Krishnamurti on the TS estate Adyar

Adyar Day

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Adyar Day -

J. Krishnamurti on the TS estate Adyar

from Adyar Day 2003

An excerpt from the Adyar Newsletter February 2003
(a quarterly publication from the TS in Chennai)
summarising a talk by Mrs. Subha Nilakanta:-

Prior to Annie Besant’s death, he [J. Krishnamurti] visited Adyar in 1932, and then from 1980, unfailingly visited the Society’s estate at Adyar whenever he was in Madras. It may be of interest to the reader that on one of these occasions, Mr J. Krishnamurti unequivocally told Mrs Radha Burnier, current President of the Theosophical Society:

‘This is a sacred place. You must look after it.’

Mr Krishnamurti also died on 17 February 1986, and as quoted by Mrs Nilakanta, in 1924 he said of Adyar:

‘It is essential for the individual member and for the Society that Adyar, as a great spiritual centre, should be maintained, worthy and dignified, ... Adyar is, and always has been, a spiritual oasis ....

I have visited many a wonderful land and seen many a famous sight, but there is none to equal the extraordinary intangible something of our Adyar. There is an atmosphere there that does not exist in many a church and temple, and there is a Presence there that we expect to perceive in a sacred shrine. One can become either a God or a pitiful sinner at Adyar. It is a wondrous spot, and it must be maintained as though it were a holy temple.

Adyar Day exists to remind the members of this glorious place and to urge them to do their best to make Adyar a worthy and dignified shrine for the Masters.’


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