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How to Develop Spiritual Awareness


Barry Bowden - Mt helena retreat - Bookings at Bookshop/Library.

Who are you? This one question can only ever be answered in our silent recess. The “Master” in the Sanctuary of our souls is “the Higher Self” — the divine spirit whose consciousness is based upon and derived solely (at any rate during the mortal life of the man, in whom it is captive) from the Mind, which we have agreed to call the Human Soul (the “Spiritual Soul” being the vehicle of the Spirit). (Practical Occultism, H.P.B.)
Here is the drama of life we struggle with, problems of the lower life neglecting, the higher or not understanding it pragmatically.

This weekend will give an intellectual framework to these ideas; and practical ways to connect with the higher faculties latent in us. These higher faculties are the doorway to that magical peace that is the cure for human problems.

This will be guided by explaining the practice, and the esoteric reason these forces can be guided. Barry has been practising these types of inward meditation for over 30 years and has a good inner understanding of how the spiritual impulse can be guided. We do have it all within us. Patience, practice, and a love of humanity awakens it within the human being.


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